About Michael Cheney

Michael Cheney graduated from University with a degree in Business & German and went on to work for ExxonMobil – his first and last ever “job”. Quickly disillusioned with “9 to 5 cubicle hell”, and the limitations placed on his natural entrepreneurial spirit, Michael founded his own business consultancy and subsequently the Entrepreneurs’ Advice Bureau.

Michael has developed his own unique blueprint for creating rapid and dramatic profits that saw his business attain meteoric success in record time. He’s applied the blueprint many times over to generate millions of pounds with his businesses.

News of Michael’s success and his unique blueprint spread fast - he was invited to conduct television interviews, radio interviews and his businesses have been featured in countless publications worldwide including NBC television, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and Reader’s Digest.

He is also regularly invited to be keynote speaker at sold-out events across the globe. The world beat a path to Michael’s door desperate to know the secrets to his success and how he was rocketed from a day job to making millions of pounds in just a few short years.

Michael now has a loyal following of 100,000+ entrepreneurs and business owners who eagerly anticipate every communication and lesson he shares with them. When he’s not helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, Michael is a keen cyclist, enjoys playing the guitar and loves spending time in the great outdoors with his wife Laura and their dog Max.

Michael is living proof that the entrepreneurial dream can be a reality for anyone - he works when he wants, takes several holidays a year and has attained financial freedom enabling him to focus on helping others, both in business and in his local community.

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"...Michael Cheney gives new definition to the Patience of Jobe. He provides coaching to people at all levels of knowledge and skill in internet marketing to make their business viable and better position them to find freedom and flexibility. His videos and reports are clear, well organized, methodical, constructive, with great dosages of humor. He's genuinely interested in your success and making sure that he helps you match the correct internet marketing tools with your line of work and your goals. He also introduces you to internet marketing associates who may offer the complementary skill sets for your broader internet marketing strategy..."

- Roberto Ragone

"...Michael has been fantastic in getting me to improve my business by looking at how to grow it organically by making sure the basics are in place. He listens really well and has picked up really quickly what my business does and what I am trying to achieve. His ideas are creative and practical. They are things that can be implemented. He is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended..."

Patrick Mattis

...Worked with Michael very recently. Immediate results, Folks, you can take courses, or study books or tapes and maybe in a few months see an increase in revenue, maybe. With Michael,' boom" sudden impact, personal coaching, basically here is what you need to do and here is how you do it. My sales tripled, from a small time struggle to consistent success. Things you think you should know, but somehow you don't, Michael was personal , punctual and very professional which leads to profit for both you and your clients.

Folks, remove the doubt and invest in your own success with Michael. I am glad I did, for if I had not, I would still be struggling and doubting..."

Roger Hamilton

"...I have known Michael Cheney since 2008 at which time I was a client of his. I now regard Michael as both a business mentor and a trusted friend. Since receiving coaching from Michael I have established a business and successfully sold to thousands of happy customers all over the world. His teachings from 2008 continue to drive in business leads on autopilot to this day. At a personal level Michael is an inspiration to me both in terms of business and in life. He has also helped me to establish a millionaire mindset for success and positive thinking that continue to influence my business as I take things to the next level in 2012 and beyond. I would recommend him to any client that wants to start their own business or even increase the productivity and bottom line of one that is already established..."

Dean James